Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty and Non-Warranty Servicing

For questions regarding servicing your Magnatone amp, whether in warranty or out of warranty.

Tube Maintenance and Issues

Questions regarding the care and handling of tubes, tube replacement, and tube-related repair.

Faults and Troubleshooting

Hand-built amps are all unique. If you feel your amp is not performing to your expectations, we can help you here.

For Twilighter Stereo and Panoramic Stereo Amplifiers

There are multiple ways you can be especially creative with these two amps. No wonder they have their own FAQ section.

The Differences Between the Super Fifty-Nine MKI and MKII

We call these the American amps with the British accent. Here you can learn about how they're alike, and more importantly, what makes each different from the other.

History of Vintage Amps

For those of you who can't get enough about this legendary brand, or the history of amps in general, here you can visit the site built for Magnatone fans, by Magnatone fans.

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