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Twilighter Stereo and Panoramic Stereo Amplifiers FAQs

Can I plug my stereo effects into the input of my amplifier and hear my effects in stereo?

No. The inputs of the Twilighter Stereo and Panoramic Stereo amplifiers are mono. Input 1 is high sensitivity and Input 2 is low sensitivity. The mono signal passes through the internal stereo vibrato effect and only the vibrato effect is output as a stereo signal.

Can I use a power attenuator with my amplifier?

Yes, but you must use two attenuators with our stereo amplifiers, one inline with each speaker.

Can I unplug one speaker or remove two tubes to run my amplifier at half power?

No, the output of each power amplifier must have a speaker load. Removing the two power tubes from one side of the amplifier will alter the bias of the remaining two power tubes and potentially cause a failure. Any of these two actions would void the warranty.

If one power tube fails, do I have to replace all four?

Not necessarily. If one power tube fails in one of our stereo amplifiers, and the tubes have not seen excessive use, you may only need to replace the two tubes from the side of the amp that experienced the tube failure. There are two independent internal bias controls in our stereo amplifiers. Please refer to a qualified technician to perform this procedure as it is common for a screen grid resistor on the tube socket to burn open to take the faulty tube out of the circuit to protect the output transformer. Also, there are possibly lethal voltages present inside of the amplifier, even if the amplifier is turned off and unplugged.

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