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Magnatone, L.L.C. is a startup entity that has taken over all rights to Magnatone, a vintage producer and distributor of high-end quality guitar amplifiers. The firm, started in 1937, ceased operations in 1969 but returned to the industry in 2013 under new ownership, based in St. Louis, MO.


The firm currently needs an individual to manage all inside the day-to-day operations of the business. The General Manager will report to the Founder and the Board. Responsibilities including the production of vacuum tube amplifiers and sourcing of all component parts from domestic and international sources. Related activities include the following:

  • Supply chain sourcing and procurement

  • Management of US-based production and manufacturing team Purchasing

  • Oversight and implementation of shipping and receiving, marketing and sales strategy

  • Product strategy and business plan development and implementation

  • Financial customer service

  • Technical support

  • Office administration: ordering, intake, and bill paying

  • People management

  • Financial and accounting management


  • Interfacing with marketing and sales reporting to the founder and board on execution of the business against plan


All are important responsibilities of this position. The goal is to obtain maximum efficiency among these activities. The most accurate label for this position is "connector". The position works to insure all internal functions are operating in a seamless and effective manner.

Involvement in business/strategic planning and supporting budgets, dealer sales operations (both domestic and international) in support of internal operations are important contributors to success in this position. Deep knowledge of the amplifier and guitar retail business is essential.


The essential skill set for this position requires very good listening skills, significant attention to detail, a general understanding of business operations and growth patterns. Qualified candidates will possess significant small business operating experience and have a history of executing digital marketing

initiatives. The candidate should be familiar and comfortable with the challenges of a small entrepreneurial environment firm and a willingness to do whatever it takes. The use of appropriate technology and computer software packages (especially Quick Books and Excel) is important to the job. Knowledge of the amplifier and guitar business is a distinct advantage.

Compensation is based on prior performance and experience. The package includes a base salary and incentives based on agreed upon performance goals. Bonus and profit-sharing programs are part of the mix. Long-term ownership possibilities are possible.

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