Here vintage isn't just a word. It's an amp.

Built in the tradition of the great American made tube combos of the '60s, the Traditional Collection has fidelity and tone that must be heard to be believed! With tube driven reverb, tremolo, and our true pitch shifting varistor vibrato, the traditional collection amps truly are the evolution of boutique tone!


  • True pitch shifting vibrato using silicon carbide varistors

  • Optional Mission pedal speed control for vibrato and tremolo available

  • Footswitch (included) for reverb and vibrate/tremolo

  • American inspired 6V6 and 6L6 tube circuitry 

  • Tube driven long pan spring reverb and conventional tremolo

  • Custom designed ceramic speaker by Warehouse Guitar Speakers

  • Finger jointed cabinet with 100% cotton textile covering

  • 14K gold plated chevron logos

  • Custom Magnatone embossed saddle leather handle

  • Genuine gold and brown aesthetics from the golden era of Magnatone

  • Traditional tone control layout with custom knobs and etched control panel

  • 100% designed and made in the USA


The best gigging amp in town just got better.

  • 15 Watts Push-Pull Class A

  • High and Low Sensitivity

  • Tube Driven Spring Reverb


True stereo vibrato in a portable package.

  • 12+12 Watts Push-Pull Class AB Stereo

  • True Pitch Shifting Varistor Stereo Vibrato Switchable to Conventional Tremolo

  • Tube Driven Long Pan Spring Reverb


The best sounding single 12" speaker amp on the market.

  • 22 Watts of Clean Power

  • Extensive R&D Development

  • Magnatone Pitch Shifting Vibrato

  • Single 12"


This is electronic Americana that oozes classic tone.

  • Stereo Pitch Shifting Vibrato

  • Oozes Classic Tone

  • Tribute to the Ancestor with Power

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