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Warranty and Non-Warranty Servicing

Please refer to our most current Warranty to Original Purchaser posted under the Service and Warranty tab to determine if the problem you are experiencing is covered under our warranty policy.

My amplifier has experienced a problem and is under warranty, what do I do?

If your amplifier can still power up, but is not working properly, you may first check our FAQs under “Faults and Troubleshooting” to see if you can find a solution to the problem you are experiencing. You may next try contacting us through our tech support email to see if we may assist in repairing the problem.  

If your amp cannot power up, or is completely unusable even if powered up, you may contact the dealer where you purchased the amplifier for assistance, or you may ship the amplifier back to our factory in Saint Louis, MO. Please refer to our warranty policy for details or contact us through our tech support email.

My amplifier is no longer under warranty, or I am not the original purchaser. I need my amp repaired, what do I do?

Same as above for the most part. If you can’t find an answer in our FAQs, you may contact us through our tech support email for help troubleshooting the problem, or to get instructions how to send your amplifier back to our factory and estimated cost of repair.  If you purchased your amplifier from one of our authorized dealers, they may have a local source for repair.

Still Have Questions?

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