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Differences Between the Super Fifty-Nine MKI & MKII FAQ


So side by side, how are the MK I and MK II different?

VIBRATO DRIVE CIRCUITRY: The MK I drive circuitry is all tube. The MK II is an updated SS circuitry.

RECTIFIER: The MKI uses the GZ34 rectifier, while the MK II employs a diode rectifier.

VIBRATO EFFECT: The MK I has two-stage vibrato, the traditional Magnatone effect. The MKII has single stage vibrato for a deeper effect. And bridged, the MK II gives you a univibe sound. 

INPUTS: The MK I is classic Magnatone, which has both normal and vibrato channels. The MK II has four bridgeable inputs and two volumes, and includes bass and treble inputs. Bridging the inputs blends the tonalities for more customization. And, vibrato is in both channels. 

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