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MusicRadar: Originally manufactured between 1937 (initially under the name of Dickerson, after amp builder Delbert J. Dickerson) and 1969, Magnatone amps are now scarce, but were once seen in the back lines of many notable guitarists, among them Buddy Holly, David Gilmour and Neil Young.

The reborn Magnatone brand is helmed by Ted Kornblum, formerly of St. Louis Music and is launching with a range of US-built, point-to-point wired tube amps. Importantly, they’ll all feature the ‘pitch-shifting’ vibrato circuit that gave the amps their ‘golden voice’ tag in the late 50s.

As you’ll see from the press release below, the firm is keen to distinguish the effect from the wavering volume of tremolo – often mislabelled as vibrato – pointing out that true vibrato is pitch-based. That said, the amps will also be include a tremolo effect.

Read the full story about Magnatone’s Return here

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