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Magnatone at Farm Aid!

The following artists are all proud owners of Magnatone amps and will be playing at Farm Aid 2020:

Willie Nelson (Mickey Rafael) @ Lyric 1x10"), John Mellencamp: (Andy York) @ Super Fifty-Nine M-80), Neil Young @ Twilighter 1x12" & Twilighter Stereo 2x12"), Boz Scaggs @ Varsity Reverb 1x12"),Edie Brickell @ Twilighter 1x12" w/ Charlie Sexton @ Varsity Reverb 1x12"), Brandi Carlile @ Twilighter 1x12"), Lukas Nelson @ Twilighter 1x12", Twilighter Stereo 2x12", Panoramic Stereo 2x10"), Particle Kid (Micah Nelson) @ Twilighter Stereo 2x12”).


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