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Introducing the Starlite!

Magnatone Unveils New Starlite Low-Wattage Amp

Much-requested low-power amp perfect for backstage, studio, bedroom, or office

ST. LOUIS, MO – January 21, 2022 – (GUITARpr) – Magnatone has announced the highly anticipated release of its new small, low-power amp called Starlite. Joining the Magnatone Traditional lineup, Starlite features classic American tones with Vintage style, and is expected to rival anything in the small amp category.

Perfect for backstage, studio, bedroom, or office, Starlite style fits the part in Vintage brown with gold cosmetics. But where substance matters, this small-footprint amp performs with a sound much bigger than its power rating. The single-ended, 5-watt amplifier is powered by one 6V6 and the 12AX7 in the preamp provides a classic American tone.

The new Starlite offers an array of features such as:

  • Tone Control that covers both Blackface and Tweed era amps with a uniquely designed mid-cut below 12 O’clock

  • Negative Feedback Switch allows for even deeper gain control

  • Magnatone Custom Speaker 8” Ceramic Magnet made in the USA by WGS

  • 8-ohm Remote Speaker Jack allows for endless tonal opportunities

  • Small Footprint 17″ x 8″ x 12″ and 19 pounds

  • Luxury Amp Cover included

  • 20-foot American-made Cable included

According to Ted Kornblum, CEO, “Folks have been asking us for a long time to come out with a small, low-power amp for practice and studio applications that maintains the traditional Magnatone style, tone, and performance. With Starlite, we believe we’ve hit the mark of classic American tone with something that takes small to the next level.”

Starlite will ship on March 1, 2022 and is priced at $1200 available through authorized Magnatone dealers everywhere. To find your Starlite, check out:

About Magnatone

The Magnatone brand was first established in 1937 in Los Angeles, CA. The company is most famous for inventing and patenting the stereo pitch-shifting vibrato effect using a non-moving part. Legendary artists like Buddy Holly, Lonnie Mack and Robert Ward have all used Magnatone.

Today, Magnatone manufactures high-end, boutique tube guitar amplifiers that are made in the USA and played by such guitarists as Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck, Neil Young and Jason Isbell. Many of the current Magnatone models still feature their famous pitch-shifting vibrato effect as well as tremolo and reverb.

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18 de out. de 2022

Speaker Info?, P2P or SS Board?, Tube Brand? Sound Clips? Looks interesting. 5W Amps

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