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The quality of a protective cover should be in direct proportion with the quality of whatever you’re covering.

And the quality of Magnatone amps — painstakingly, point-to-point, hand wired right here in St. Louis — is unsurpassed. And therefore, the same must be true for whatever we might use to protect it.

That’s why we have these covers specially made here in America with the same material as what you see topping America’s great automobiles. By special arrangement with Haartz Corporation of Acton, Massachusetts – makers of the luxury tops and interiors found in some of the finest American-made cars – Magnatone is able to provide, with every amp, a high-end cover.

You won’t find these over any other amp. Nor will you find any other amp worthy of this cover.

You already know how much we care about what we put into each and every Magnatone.

Now the obsession continues — with what we put on it.

We are proud to have the quality and tradition of Victoria Luggage Company built in to every Magnatone cover. Made in the USA.


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