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A Nashville recording studio guitarist and songwriter performing primarily country music. Guitar World Magazine listed him as one of the “Top Ten Session Guitarists of All Time.” He was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2019. In his performances, Brent Mason is one of the many artists who used the ​Twilighter Stereo 2x12” Combo ​by Magnatone USA.


“The Twilighter Stereo amp really jumps and has that really fat mellow sound, like an R&B rock sound, that’s got this really nice airy sound that really kicks, and the tone controls don’t have any of that annoying midrange sound some amps have. The Magnatone has a lot of punch with loads of head-room without even breaking up yet....The Twilighter really pushes the sound.” - Brent Mason

Amp Played

Twilighter Stereo 2x12” Combo

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