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Magnatone Dealers Near You

We would like to thank everyone who has called, emailed, IM, or walked up and shook our hands. So many of you have inquired as to where you can buy Magnatone Amplifiers in your area.

Please check our Website Dealer Page to check by state and by Country. We will be updating this with a few brand new dealers we are very excited about so check back often.

If you don’t have a dealer near you tell us about your favorite local dealer and tell them about us.

Demand Your Magnatone!

Once again, thank you for all the great comments and questions on vintage and new Magnatone amplifiers. We will continue to update you on dealers, events, artists, products, etc.

If you are one of our dealers, let these folks know you’ve got the goods and can help right away.

If you would like to be a dealer and we don’t already have one in your area, let us know.

Keep turnin’ it up!

Your friends at Magnatone.


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