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Only 80 units will be made. Each with hand-engraved and numbered gold-plated plaque, and certificate of authenticity. Our second special edition, 80th Anniversary amp is a highly collectible version of the one that has brought maximum power and versatility to the most obsessive and demanding performers.

What’s so special about this special edition? Everything.

  • 17 tubes.

  • Dual mono-block power amps with two pair of 6L6 power tubes and 2 x GZ34 rectifier tubes, for 70-plus watts of stereo power.

  • Tube-driven stereo vibrato effects.

  • Dual stage stereo vibrato using eight silicon carbide varistors for super lush stereo pitch-shifting vibrato.

  • Tremolo and reverb driven by two x 12AU7, one x 12DW7 and eight x 12AX7 tubes.

  • A four-mode switch and a remote pedal to control vibrato or tremolo speed.A split chassis design that separates the power and preamps for heat dissipation and weight displacement. So two players can use the amp at once and have independent volume control.

  • Enough power to drive an additional left and right speaker cabinet, with the internal speakers either on or off.

  • And a special feature similar to Buddy Holly’s 1958 Magnatone 280 two independent preamps with full EQ, and a stereo input. Outputs include right and left external speaker jacks, and a stereo line out & stereo Effects loop.

  • And it’s available as a 4×10 Combo. As well as a head and 2×12 speakers. And comes with a road case with heavy duty casters.

The new Double V 80th Anniversary edition. This is where engineering meets art.  And great artists find their sound.

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